The 2017 Pipeline Entrepreneurs Fellowship Has Begun!

Last month, I was announced as a 2017 Pipeline Fellow and to say that I’m excited would be the understatement of the decade. It made some pretty big news here, here, and here.

So, what’s Pipeline and why does it matter for Proseeds? Well, I’m just getting my feet wet in the organization so I can only give you my perspective, but to me, Pipeline is a family of extremely successful entrepreneurs and advisors educating aspiring entrepreneurs who are next in line for their shot at changing the world.

At Proseeds we’re on a mission to radically improve the way that causes receive the important funding that they need to succeed by empowering people to automatically support their favorite causes for free whenever they eat, shop, and play. It’s a mission that will truly change the world. And a change-the-world mission requires a change-the-world leader. You should totally sign up (for free) here.

I just attended the first of four modules and let’s just say it was an intense experience. Over the course of the next year I’ll attend three more modules in St. Louis, Seattle, and Nebraska. I feel like I’m receiving an entrepreneurial education rivaling MBA programs. Plus, access to a wealth of assistance and resources.

Also, I’ll be accompanied on this adventure by eleven entrepreneurial peers, all working together to improve our odds of achieving our individual missions. I’m in wonderful company for this year of fellowship. Below are the twelve 2017 Pipeline Fellows who I’ve just started getting to know, but have loved so far.

Iyad Aldalooj, Fairshop
Jared Bakewell, Proseeds (me)
Austin Barone, Just Play Sports Solutions
Dan Curran, PowerPost
Joe Fischer, Greetabl
Beth Handrigan, Lean Media
Evan Luxon, Esculon
Jennifer Rosenblatt, MusicSpoke
Roy Scott, H3 Enterprise
Lei Shi, UAVradars
Derek Weber, goBRANDgo!
Elisha Yaghmai, Vigilias Telehealth

Past Fellows (now Members) of Pipeline include many of the Midwest’s most successful, high-growth entrepreneurs. They include people like Toby Rush of EyeVerify, Paul Jarrett of Bulu Box, and Tim Donnelly of SoftVu. Clearly, the bar is set high.

So, to finally answer the question: Why does this matter for Proseeds? Our change-the-world mission requires a change-the-world leader. I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I applied (twice) to Pipeline because it’s a program that can help me get there. Now that I’m in, it’s time to work my butt off to take full advantage of this incredible opportunity. If you’re the leader of a high-growth startup in the Midwest and haven’t looked into Pipeline, it’s the ultimate opportunity and you won’t regret applying.

– Jared Bakewell


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