Changing The World

Imagine a future where the funding to improve our society was abundantly available: schools with the resources to fully educate future generations, researchers with the funds to fight diseases, local communities with the ability to feed the hungry and house the homeless. Imagine a future where all of the worthy non-profit causes had the funds they needed to change the world.

What if this was all possible simply as a byproduct of commerce? What if by empowering consumers with an easy way to choose philanthropic merchants, we could create that future? That’s the power of Proseeds.

Here’s how it works: When you join Proseeds as a consumer, for free, you choose the causes you care about like your neighborhood school, local animal shelters, or other non-profit organizations. Then, securely link your existing credit or debit cards you’re already carrying in your pocket to your Proseeds account. When you’re going out, use our mobile website to find merchants where you can earn Proseeds like restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail stores. When it’s time to pay, simply use any of your linked cards and Proseeds automatically facilitates a donation from the merchant back to your favorite causes – without costing you an extra dime.

Proseeds provides merchants with access to a new frontier of customer loyalty. By tapping into the passion consumers have for their favorite causes, they can drive new, loyal and sustainable business in a frictionless way like never before.

Proseeds provides non-profit organizations a seamless way to raise money without having to ask their supporters for another donation or to purchase a fundraising product they don’t really need. All the participating causes have to do is capture a few minutes of their supporters’ time to sign up for FREE and they start earning cash back for the cause automatically!

And Proseeds provides for you, yes YOU, with the peace of mind to know that every time you visit a Proseeds merchant that YOUR favorite causes will benefit. Eat a sandwich, and your kids’ school can afford to buy those new computers they’ve been saving up for. Take the family out for a fun night of bowling, and a homeless veteran gains access to a warm bed and a hot meal. There are countless ways to earn Proseeds and help your favorite non-profits. It truly is a win-win!

At Proseeds our mission is to help the amazing causes in our communities that are tirelessly working everyday to make the world a better place. We know it will take hard work, persistence, and dedication to this mission if we are to accomplish this worthy goal, and we enthusiastically accept this challenge, but we need your help. Sign up today for free at and encourage 10 other people to join you and us in the Proseeds revolution. We can’t do this without you. The time is now. Eat, shop, play…and change the world.


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